The dream team

NØRDIQ teams up with talented local producers


Past life: Palliative care nurse
Skills: sommelier, strong and conditioned, master blender
Mindset: Willow trees don't break under the weight of the snow (Japanese proverb)


Past life: Journalist, radio and TV broadcaster for Radio-Canada
Talents : storytelling, entertainement, master PR
Devise : There is only one way to fail: give up before succeeding (Georges Clémenceau)

Verger Hemmingford

Quebec cider pioneers since 1994
Internationally renowned for their Ice Ciders

Cidrerie Milton

4th gen apple grower since 1927
Coolest orchard, holding more than 50 apple varieties
Leaders in making Quebec ciders world-renowned

Vignoble Château Fontaine

Outstanding terroir
Master of the arcane arts of hybrid grapes
Enthusiastic French winemaker on board

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